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Car Locksmith in Seattle


Looking for a Car Locksmith in Seattle?  Call Sevan Locks & Doors

At Sevan Locks & Doors, the top car locksmith in Seattle, we provide the best professional services in the area. All of our locksmith technicians are bonded, licensed and insured so you can count on safe and reliable expert service as well. Whether you need to have a car lock change, you’re locked out of your car, are dealing with a broken car key, need an ignition repair or replacement, locks change, or locks rekey, we can help!

Our car locksmith services in Seattle include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Car key repair/replacements
  • Ignition repair
  • Locks change
  • Locks rekey
  • Car locksmith Seattle
  • Push bar
  • Electronic lock
  • Motorcycle key
  • Emergency lockout service

The Best Car Locksmith Services in Seattle

We offer competitive pricing, carry brand name products, utilize state of the art technology, ensuring that you’ll be in expert hands. We understand that dealing with auto locksmith issues can be aggravating, but if you need a car locksmith in Seattle, we’re always close by. In addition, we’re constantly improving our Seattle car locksmith technician training on the most up-to-date solutions available today.

Fast, Dependable Car Locksmith Seattle

We can come to you 24/7, delivering fast, dependable auto locksmith services.  So when you find yourself in need of a car locksmith in Seattle, go with the best – don’t settle for less.

Call Sevan Locks & Doors your local car locksmith in Seattle today at (206) 274-7061.  It’s our job to help make your life easier and less stressful. No matter what car locksmith related problem in Seattle that you’re facing, we can fix it.  Keep in mind that we’re available 24/7, including holidays, so it’s never too late to call Sevan Locks & Doors, your local car locksmith in Seattle, WA.

IPA in Redmond, Washington

If you’re looking for an IPA in Redmond, Washington, a basic search on Google reveals some of the top brewers.

In the US, more and more beer drinkers are choosing craft beer over the traditional brands, and brewers in Redmond figured that out a while ago.

If you like a finely crafted IPA, Redmond has some great breweries that are definitely worth the trip. Redmond is located just 21 minutes east of Seattle.

All the breweries offer India Pale Ale (IPA) in different flavors. They normally have a flagship IPA, and a Double IPA if you like a hoppier IPA, and casks IPA brewed in really small batches.

The brew masters in Redmond are some of the most imaginative in the industry.

In some brewpubs you’re even encouraged to mix an IPA with another beer, like a lager, to create a unique blend that some times become personal favorites.

Breweries in Redmond are serious contenders as some of the best brewers in the World, and they do offer many more styles that just IPA.

What is even more creative are the names and descriptions IPA brew masters come up with.

Check out the new What’s On Tap app at www.WOT411.com

Great IPA in Bellevue, 12 mins. from Woodinville

Where can you find an IPA in Bellevue, Washington? That’s asked a lot and since Bellevue has some of the best microbreweries in the northwest, you’re definitely going to find a great IPA or two in the several brew pubs found in Bellevue.

Since an increasing number of beer drinkers are switching to craft beer, over the national brands, the brewers in Bellevue stepped up their beer brewing game.

If you are looking for an excellent IPA craft beer, Bellevue is at the epicenter of Seattle, Kirkland, Redmond, Sammamish and Issaquah. All are within minutes of Bellevue’s many brew pubs.

India Pale Ale (IPA) comes in many different aromas but three basic types. Most breweries have a flagship IPA and normally a double IPA and seasonally they will have a triple IPA.

You got to hand it to the brew masters in Bellevue because they produce many award winning beers. The also brew up creative cask blends where they mix an IPA with another beer to produce unique one-time only flavors.

Of course the breweries in Bellevue brew more styles of beer than just IPA. If you’re looking for a lager, porter, stout, red, amber, wheat, you name it, these guys brew it.

Check out the new What’s On Tap app at www.WOT411.com

Woodinville Real Estate Agent


Woodinville Real Estate Agent

Choosing a Woodinville real estate agent that is considered a neighborhood expert will ensure that you not only find the home of your dreams but one that’s located in the perfect neighborhood. A local real estate sales agent will help you discover why there’s no better place to live the true Northwest lifestyle than Woodinville.

Some of the city’s most popular neighborhoods include East Wellington, West Wellington, Wedge, Woodinville Heights, Reinwood (Leota), Lower West Ridge and Upper West Ridge. Other sought after communities include Bear Creek Country Club, Hollywood Hill, Lake of the Woods and Saybrook.

Woodinville’s vibrant downtown area is home to several affordable condominiums and town homes

As a home buyer, when you hire a professional Woodinville real estate agent, they’ll be able to provide you with a wealth of information about each of these neighborhoods as well as information about home prices, school districts, local amenities and more.

If you’re a seller and own a home or property in Woodinville and are planning on selling it, it just makes sense to hire a Woodinville real estate agent who knows the area inside out and can use that knowledge to sell your home for the highest possible price in the shortest amount of time.

Homes For Sale In Woodinville, Washington


Homes For Sale In Woodinville

If you’re looking for homes for sale in Woodinville, you’re about to buy a beautiful home.  Whether you want to buy a single-family home, townhouse or condo, Woodinville has a variety of homes for sale on any given day.

The best part about Woodinville is its proximity to all the cities on the eastside.  Bellevue, Kirkland, Redmond and Bothell are minutes away and you could consider homes for sale in those cities too.

While all these cities have their unique qualities, homes in Woodinville give owners a choice of city, small town and rural living options.

Over the last few years, downtown Woodinville has grown into a nice size shopping district and features some of the best restaurants on the eastside, not to mention some of the best craft beer breweries in Washington.

It is also known for the world famous Malbak’s Nursery.  It’s actually classified as a tourist attraction in some books and home owners in Woodinville have it in their back yard.

Woodinville is one of the more desirable places to live and home sellers know this.  This means you need to get a great real estate agent on your side that knows the real value of homes for sale in Woodinville and knows how to negotiate on your behalf.

IPA In Woodinville Video Clip


When it comes to India Pale Ale (IPA) the variations range from straight-up IPA, to Double IPA for true IPA fans, and Triple IPA for the die-hard freaks.  Some beer drinkers actually ask their servers to mix an IPA with another lighter ale to create a totally unique blend that can taste pretty damn good.

And if you’re a fan of craft beer in general, in addition to IPA, some of the best beer in Washington is brewed in the city limits of Woodinville.

While there are a lot of breweries in the Pacific northwest, the brew masters in Woodinville are some of the most creative in the industry.

What is even more imaginative are the names and descriptions IPA brew masters come up with.

All across the country, craft beer is being enjoyed by more and more beer drinkers than traditional name brands.

If your looking for an IPA in Woodinville, Washington, a quick search will bring up a nice selection of breweries to choose from.

Where to Find a Good IPA in Woodinville

With the exception of Redhook, Woodinville has been predominately known as a wine aficionado’s city; well that’s not the case anymore. Today a growing list of local breweries are attracting local drinkers and day tripping beer lovers from across the region. If you’re looking for a good IPA in Woodinville, stop by one of the following breweries; you won’t be disappointed.

14300 NE 145th St
(425) 483-3232
Redhook is the iconic big daddy of breweries in Woodinville. You can even take a tour for an insignificant price and you’ll get a free pint glass which is a lot of beer when compared to most brewery tours. You’ll also be able to sample their beers in their massive tasting room. IPA lovers will want to try Redhook’s Long Hammer, an India Pale Ale with a rich, piney citrus aroma and characteristic bitter flavor. Some say that Long Hammer is one of America’s most enjoyable and bestselling IPA’s; not sure if this is true; you’ll have to stop by and see for yourself.

Triplehorn Brewing Co.
19510 144th Ave NE
(425) 242-7979
This is a fun, laid back, spacious brewery that has recently been remodeled to add more space for seating and live music on the weekend. The staff is friendly and fun, the brews are great and according to online reviews their IPA’s are fantastic, especially their signature beer; the Landwink IPA.

Brickyard Brewing
5817 238th St SE
(425) 483-2337
The Brickyard is really laid back, feeling more like a man cave than an a pub with a great atmosphere and even better beer. When it comes to finding a good IPA in Woodinville, it doesn’t get much better than their espresso IPA with its awesome coffee aroma.

Twelve Bar Brews
12826 NE 178th St, Suite C (near McClendon Hardware)
(425) 482.1188
Twelve Bar’s is a production brewery, but you can stop by their Woodinville tasting room for tasters, pints and growlers on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays. If you do, you’ll definitely want to try their Wicked Riff IPA; it’s wicked good.

The Dirty Bucket
19151 144th Ave NE, Ste 101
(206) 819-1570)
This is one of Woodinville’s hidden treasures that’s nestled in next to a couple of Woodinville’s auto care centers and a car wash. There are a few places in Seattle that pour Dirty Bucket’s great beers, but the best way to sample what they have to offer is at their cheerful tasting room where you can order off of their larger than average roster. If you’re looking for a good IPA in Woodinville, don’t miss out on their Filthy Hoppin’ IPA, the beer of choice for local “hop heads”.

The Black Raven
14679 NE 95th St.
(425) 881-3020
The Black Raven is just a hop, skip and a jump from Woodinville (about a 15 minute drive) and definitely worth checking out. The Raven’s Nest isn’t your traditional brew pub; it gives off a living room vibe, where you can chill out and enjoy one of their many fantastic brews, hanging out with fun local beer drinkers. The brew pub serves pints, sample trays and you can get beer to go.

Woodinville is quickly becoming a craft brewery paradise, giving local beer drinkers an equal opportunity drinking experience; it’s not all about “wine” anymore. IPA anyone?

Woodinville Real Estate Services


Woodinville Real Estate Market

Woodinville Real EstateIn today’s Woodinville Real Estate market you need to be aware of so many things because even the smallest mistake can cost you thousands of dollars. No matter what service, company or real estate agent you are looking for, you need to take some time to read testimonials, interview as well as carefully read the small print before you sign. It’s going to be crucial for your home buying or home selling success to hire professional services in anything that you do. The old adage “You Get What You Pay For” is true. In the long run, if you work with the best, you’ll get the best results. Hiring because a company is cheaper can end up costing you a lot of money in the long run, not to mention the inconvenience that normally comes with the mistakes that usefully occur when you work with an amateur or someone that has weak or absent customer service and communication skills. So when it comes to Woodinville Real estate, make sure you work with a proven professional.

Real Estate Services

Hire a Neighborhood Specialist

When hiring a Woodinville Real Estate agent, the agent you pick to represent you along with your property if applicable, really does make a huge difference. Prior to signing on the dotted line, find out exactly what they plan on doing to either to increase your home’s value and appeal to the 80% of home buyers using the internet to help make their buying decisions, or how available they are going to be if you are hiring them to help you find the perfect home. It is also crucial that your real estate agent is considered a neighborhood expert which will help intrigue home buyer interest in your home as well as help them decide on your community for themselves as well as their family.

You’ll also want to interview any real estate agent you are considering to work with to make sure your personalities mix. If communication is important to you, let them know up front. As with most working partnerships, communication is key. It’s also a great idea to visit their website to read their client testimonials.

If you are in need of a Real Estate Agent, you need to hire a professional that has great customer service and communication skills as well as knowledge of all that our wonderful community has to offer.

Mortgage Brokers

Home buyers looking for construction and/or permanent hybrid mortgages or individuals who have credit rating complications are the ideal deal candidates for a Mortgage broker. The same is true for individuals who are planning to invest in second homes or properties. Mortgage Brokers can be an important asset if you work with a professional with a good reputation. A reputable Mortgage broker will be clear about all of their fees, leaving nothing out. If a Real Estate Mortgage broker is offering you a considerably lower rate than others you have interviewed, it’s probably to good to be true.

The best bet if you’re considering investing in Woodinville Real estate and need a Mortgage broker is to ask friends, family or your trusted Real Estate agent for a referral.

Escrow Services

Whether you are a home buyer, home seller, the lender or the borrower, you’ll want the guarantee that no money and / or property or home can change hands until every, single one of the guidelines in the contract has been followed. The actual escrow holder is obligated to protect all necessary funds as well as documents while they’re in possession of the escrow and to pay out the funds as well as convey title at the time all of the provisions of escrow have been complied with.

These kind of Real Estate services can be referred to you buy a professional real estate agent. They normally have all the connections you’ll need for a variety of services. These referrals are normally trusty worthy because your real estate agent more than likely wouldn’t be working with them if they were unreliable because it could affect their professional reputation. That’s why when entering a Real Estate transaction it’s so important to work with a professional real estate agent.

Woodinville Home Builders

If your real estate plans involve building your dream home from the ground up in Woodinville, WA, you’ll be pleasantly surprised at the amazing quality and craftsmanship you’ll find with local builders in the area. You’ll find new home builders like Pacific Ridge Homes, Chaffey Homes, Tenhulzen Custom Homes, Bauer Homes and Berling Pacific, just to name a few. All of these Woodinville new construction choices are priced anywhere between $189,000 up to over $1,000,000.

If you have your own plans for your dream home, there are numerous professional builders in Woodinville who would happily take on the job and build the perfect home for you.

Click here to contact Woodinville Real Estate.

Learn more about Woodinville Real Estate

Woodinville Real Estate Useful Phone Numbers

City of WoodinvilleWoodinville has so much to offer for you and your family.  In an effort to help you learn more about the community we are providing phone numbers you’ll find useful whether your are just thinking about investing in Woodinville Real Estate or just exploring your options.

We are also listing a couple of our local Woodinville Real Estate offices that know the area and can help you with all your Woodinville Real Estate needs.  If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.  We’d be happy to help. 

Woodinville Real Estate Offices:
Windermere Real Estate: 425-483-5100
John L. Scott Real Estate: 425-486-8700

Woodinville Emergency Phone numbers:
Woodinville Police Dept: Emergency 911
Woodinville Police Dept: Business Line 425-489-2700
Woodinville Police Dept: Non emergency 206-296-3311
Woodinville Fire & Life: 425-483-2131
Poison Control: 1-800-222-1222
Evergreen Medical: 425-899-1000

City Information:
City of Woodinville: 425-489-2700
Woodinville Post Office: 1-800-275-8777
Northshore Schools: 425-408-6000

Woodinville Heritage Society:
Northshore Performing Arts: 425-408-7997
Woodinville Reparatory Theater: 425-481-8502

City of Woodinville Parks & Recreation: 425-398-9327
Northshore Senior Centre: 425-487-2441
Woodinville Senior Centre: 425-488-4289
Woodinville Teen Programs: 425-398-9327

Puget Sound Energy: 1-888-225-5773
Verizon: 800-483-4100
Comcast: 877-824-2288
Woodinville Water Dist 425-483-9104
Sno King Waste Mgt: 800-592-9995

King County Metro Transit: 206-553-3000,
King County Metro Van and Car Pooling: 206-625-4500

Animal Control:
The Humane Society: 425-641-0080

Local Newspaper:
Woodinville Weekly 425-483-0606

Let us know if you require more information regarding Woodinville Real Estate or any other information regarding the City of Woodinville including events, Woodinville shops and other things to do.

Fall Colors in Woodinville

Fall colors in Woodinville

Fall is a beautiful time in Woodinville!  Everywhere you turn the you’ll see streets and country roads lined with a variety of trees each showcasing a blend of rich fall colors that are absolutely breathtaking. One the the prettiest displays of fall colors surrounds the Woodinville park and ride located at  17800 140th Ave. N.E. Woodinville, WA 98072 and is definitely worth checking out before all the leaves fall.  Be ready to take pictures!

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